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What we do

We analyse public content from the world's largest social network.

We provide new insights into interests, trends and activities on Facebook.

We deliver our analyses through a powerful dashboard or API to our clients.

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Your benefits

Comprehensive coverage

In media monitoring each single posting counts! It is essential to detect all stories which are relevant for your daily work. You will be impressed by our content quality and comprehensive coverage.

Impressive quality

We know that clean data is essential for media analysis. Therefore we developed specific algorithms (spam filter, duplicates analysis, etc.) to make sure that you get the highest data quality.

Cost-saving outsourcing

You can easily outsource the cost intensive and complex social media data analysis. You have no additional server, development and maintenance costs. Simply access our professional infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to search for buzzing content?
Yes! You can monitor best-performing stories based on keywords. Discover the most engaging posts worldwide and embed social content into your dashboard or website. Our content search will provide you unique insights into the communication on Facebook.

How can I find influencers on Facebook?
Find the key influencer on Facebook to promote your content. Determine which influencer share stories from your website or from your competitor. Build your own influencer network, attract more attention and receive a higher engagement rate.

How does the right content boost my reach?
The daily information overload is making users more selective. For businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make a lasting impression. You need stories that inspire, get people excited and encourage them to share your content.

Do you offer a viral newsletter?
Yes! We provide content that is tailored to your target group via daily newsletter. Get amazing content suggestions straight into your inbox. Improve your storytelling, inspire emotions and post awesome stories.

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